Quality control system


Quality control system

DECO profiles are top-shelf products. It is not the effect of sheer coincidence, but rather the result of combining many factors such as: an experienced team of professionals, state-of-the-art technology and the application of selected raw semi-finished materials. We watch over the quality, subjecting our profiles for strict control at every stage of production.

During the production process we exclusively apply raw materials that meet strict criteria. A certificate provided by the supplier is a basic condition. In order for the commodity to enter the production hall, it has to have appropriate parameters. We measure its moisture, bulk density and colour.

From the moment of mixture manufacturing, through the process of profile formation until the final: packaging and storage – the production is monitored and supervised by an integrated IT system.  It includes planning modules, production management, watching over production parameters and quality control. Additionally, every half hour samples from current production are taken for laboratory testing.

During the process of quality control we use the following tools:

  • A FLATSCOPE measuring scanner of WERTH company, made with object measuring software and profile measurements, which compares the profile shape with the model. This software allows to save the result of a measurement, as well as precise analysis of its shape and dimensions with deviations from the model. It also examines whether the geometry of the profile is within the accepted tolerance limits.
  • KONICA-MINOLTA spectrometer with a software which enables it to measure profile colour.
  • Device for resistance testing of profiles, measuring the impact of a falling weight at -10 °C.
  • Device for testing thermal shrinkage.
  • Device for testing profile behavior after heating at 150 °C.
  • Welding device and a machine for testing weld strength.

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