The perception of our company in terms of the highest quality and reliability are one of our team’s main goals. Hence, we put particular pressure on research and unceasing control of quality. Besides constantly monitoring production throughout our integrated IT system, top quality is guaranteed through the work of our laboratory which controls the profile of colour, impact resistance, thermal shrinkage and weld strength. Additionally, our profiles are administered for research in outside laboratories in Poland as well as abroad. All of that added together guarantees a top-shelf product for our clients.


What drives our development is the creation of state-of-the-art and innovative solutions. This philosophy is implemented both by our research and development sector in the phase of product creation, as well as the tech sector during the production process. It is also extremely important for us that all our products will meet the demands dictated by modern trends. That’s why we focus on ergonomics combined with exceptional design and advanced technology. All of it would not be possible if not for the high-class machinery and tools coming from renominated producers, which are part of our machinery park.


In DECCO we are aware that the foundation of development is unceasing work on improvements and expanding our offer in order to meet the client’s demands. Our wide range of systems is a reflection of the work put into the development of the DECCO brand since its inception. We are constantly expanding our range of products, trying to create new solutions. A confirmation of our development are the awarded prizes such as ‘Gazela Biznesu’ given by Puls Biznesu to companies with the fastest growth in Poland, or our company being enlisted in a report by the London Stock Exchange entitled “100 Companies to inspire Europe”.


Nowadays, design integrates every aspect of our lives. The more so it cannot be omitted in our industry. That is why our designers are linking the most advanced technology with functionality, but also modern design. This combination makes DECCO profiles an ideal answer to the current trends in architecture. Veneer colouring proposed by us gives an extra character to our windows. Our colour cards were created based on the thorough analysis of trends in both architecture and interior design.


We want the cooperation with DECCO S.A to be a synonym of satisfaction with our service, and contentment from the obtained product. The counseling department, together with customer service, put particular pressure on listening to the needs and suggestions of our clients. They are invaluable in improving the work of our entire team. The word of both a direct and indirect client is most crucial. For this reason we’ve initiated a series of conferences entitled Window Academy, which most of all create an opportunity to meet with window joinery dealers. On those meetings, besides presenting our offer we have an occasion to get to know opinions and comments about profiles, coming from the final recipients.

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